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Vehicle Lettering & Graphics

There is no question that advertising your business or service on your vehicle is the best way of getting noticed. You're advertising works for you 24/7 and after the initial cost the continues to work at no cost for many years.

Please Contact Us and we can discuss how to best promote your service or business and the type of graphic design which will work best for you.

Vehicle signage can be as simple or complex as you wish. From basic cut vinyl lettering to complex full colour vinyl graphics, there is a lot to chose from. We will be happy to discuss your needs in relation to your business and budget and suggest the most suitable solution.

Vehicles can be customized using many speciality vinyl's giving a variety of special effects, such as carbon fibre, leather, metallic etc.

For further information about the different types of vinyl material see our FAQ’s & Information 1 page.

If you wish to use you’re vehicle to advertise your business or service but want the signage to be easily removable, then magnetic signs are the answer. Lettering or graphics are applied to a thin sheet of magnetised plastic which can be attached to your vehicle. This is an excellent solution for a dual use vehicle.

If you have a catering van we can supply all the signage including menu boards etc. We also design and supply signage for trailers and commercial vehicles.

Spare wheel covers are another opportunity to get your business message across or simply show off your favourite pet. We can use you're existing cover if suitable, or advise you of the various types available.

If you have a boat or other watercraft then we can supply names or other signage. We use high quality vinyl which will ensure the graphics will survive the elements and stay in first class condition for a long time.

For more detailed information or if you wish to discuss your specific requirement then please Contact Us.