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Large format digital printing on vinyl gives far more choice of design than with cut vinyl. There are many possibilities and there are many different types of vinyl and other materials available for different applications. It is possible to combine cut vinyl with printed vinyl for even more design possibilities. For example if on a printed poster there are elements which need changing from time to time then these could be in cut vinyl.

For further information about the different types of vinyl and other printable materials see our FAQ’s & Information 1 page.

Vinyl can printed and then cut to produce labels, stickers or other shaped items for a variety of applications. This method is ideal for custom stickers and can produce as few or as many as you require.

Full colour digital printing is ideal for producing exhibition posters and pop up banners. There are many types of pop up and display systems available. If you would like more detailed information or if you wish to discuss your specific requirements then please Contact Us.

As already stated printed vinyl is more versatile than traditional cut vinyl and lends itself to more complex and colourful designs. The only drawback is the artwork has to be more carefully created and attention to colour fidelity, image quality and resolution has to be made.

Portland Signworks can undertake to produce all of your artwork for you or we will be more than happy to give you comprehensive advise should you wish to create you own.

For further information about artwork and images for digital printing see our Artwork & Graphic Design page.

For more detailed information or if you wish to discuss your specific requirement then please Contact Us.