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Cut vinyl artwork is very different from what you would use for normal printing, via an inkjet printer, for example. The letters or graphics have to be cut out from a vinyl sheet. The cutting machine has to follow the outline of the text or image, the waste material is then removed (weeding) leaving behind the finished job. Artwork for this process is generally called Vector artwork as opposed to pictures or photos which are referred to as Bitmap Images.

Many software packages such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and Serif Draw Plus are capable of producing vector art, however the software used run the vinyl cutting machine is specialised (similar to CAD/CAM software) and if you do decide to create you own artwork, the files need to be either compatible with the cutting software or saved in a File Format which is compatible.

Please Contact Us and we will be happy to advise you of the most suitable artwork creation method. If your artwork consists of text only then, as all typefaces (also known as fonts) are vectors, almost any DTP or word processing software will do the job.

Digital full colour image printing is altogether a different matter. The artwork for this process uses Bitmaps almost exclusively (although vector art can be incorporated into the design) and more factors are involved primarily the Colour Format, quality of the bitmap and Resolution.

Portland Signworks can produce the correct artwork for your job whatever you need. We can start with your basic ideas, create proofs and, after you approval, we will create the final artwork.

Each job is different so there is no fixed price for artwork creation. Generally, with simple, single colour, text based designs then there is no additional charge. If a more complex design is required then there will be an additional artwork charge. We will always tell you of the artwork cost before we start and keep you informed at all stages, you will be aware of the total cost from the start and there will be no hidden extras.   
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